Power Protein Oatmeal

IMG_7213 2With fall around the corner, and the start of school on the horizon, it’s time to get back into routine and reset our healthy habits. Starting the day with a healthy meal is key to providing the fuel necessary to feel energized throughout the school or workday.IMG_7201 3

Oatmeal has been around for ages and remains one of my top choices for a healthy breakfast. Oats are high in fibre, full of B vitamins and are my #1 pre-workout food; hot or cold, sweet or savoury, the options are endless! On their own, oats are not very high in PROTEIN, that’s where we change things up!!IMG_7203 2

Enter EGG WHITES! You may be thinking that this sounds very strange, but I promise it will be a game changer for the taste, texture, volume and overall satisfaction with your meal.IMG_7208 2

Before we get into the specifics of how to make the protein oatmeal, let’s talk toppings (the best part!). [#ad] California Strawberries add a pop of colour, are a source of fibre, are low in sugar and provide an excellent source of vitamin C. Fresh, accessible and available year-round, California strawberries are a tasty and convenient topping choice for your breakfast bowls or to simply pack as a snack. A serving of eight strawberries is only 50 calories #winning!

IMG_7207 2

I’m all about adding texture, colour and healthy fats to your meals, so I’ve also included pumpkin seeds, pecans and sprinkled hemp hearts.IMG_7211 3

The best part is this protein oatmeal takes less than 5 minutes to make!

Here’s how I start:

IMG_7205 2

Simply make the oats as you normally do with milk or water. Here, I used 1/3 cup oats and 2/3 cup water, stir together and cook in the microwave or stovetop for 2 minutes. When cooked, stir it again and add 1/3 cup egg whites. Cook for an additional minute. Add your desired toppings and BOOM you have a balanced, nutrient-dense breakfast to fuel your next adventure.

IMG_7214 2

I hope you enjoy these bowls as much as I do!!!

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